Argaman fibers can bring you piece of mind, with cleanliness and safety ensured.
Our technologies are custom matched to your company’s specific needs.

What makes Argaman unique?


Argaman's patented and proprietary technology is based on a process of infusing copper particles into fibers, both natural and synthetic.


Argaman uses a patented and proprietary formula of accelerated copper, which kills bacteria and viruses within minutes.


Copper bonds to the molecules of the cotton, becoming an integral part of the fiber. The process requires less copper than plating and coating of fabric, making it durable and long lasting.


Antimicrobial and soft, Argaman products are unique in that they are infused with copper while maintaining the hand feel and absorbency of traditional cotton.


Natural cotton fibers infused with copper by our patented process

Synthetic formula of antimicrobial polymer fibers with accelerated copper

  • ProActive Disposables (nonwovens) using SivX technology
  • PolyCotton Blend
  • SIU: Argaman's proprietary copper-based skincare applications