We realize that certain environments may adversely affect those with sensitivities to pathogens. We aim to reduce bacteria and viruses on soft surfaces.

Argaman technologies fight against Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) at the molecular level, by infusing fibers with antimicrobial properties, using our proprietary process.  ​The resulting fibers prohibit the growth of microbials, ensuring a safe and germ free environment.

HAIs account for an estimated ​
infections per year
out of 3,124 hospitals assessed were penalized by Medicare for high rates of HAIs in 2022
billion in US hospital costs per year
One in
hospitalized patients in the US contracts an HAI

CottonX Linens

Under the supervision of Dr. Ebbing Lautenbach at the University of Pennsylvania, clinical trials, done on patient room linens, concluded that the incidence of HAIs and multidrug resistant organisms (MDROs) were significantly lower with the use of copper textiles (CTs) in the fabrics.  The incidence of new MDROs in the CT group were 40% lower than the non-CT group.

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SivX ProActive Masks with Respilon


With the current pandemic, we’ve seen that even though people should be throwing away their disposable masks, in most cases, they do not.  Masks made from accelerated copper formulation SivX, with Respilon filters, annihilate viruses and bacteria, protecting both the mask wearer and those around them.

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