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BioBlocX™ Face Mask ProActive Defense – Double Protection

Argaman’s BioBlocX™ face mask is two masks in one. Its 5-layer configuration offers double protection. Biologically active accelerated copper layers form the two inner and two outer layers while a nanofiber membrane filter in the middle intercepts and blocks up to 99.9% of viruses.

5-LAYER Face Mask for Double Protection

  • 5-layer protection
  • 4 accelerated copper layers
  • Nanofiber membrane filter
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Active for the life of the product
  • Materials made in Israel
  • Maintenance-free
  • Biocompatible 
  • CE Certified, FFP2 rated
  • USA EPA registered materials
  • Testing in GLP certified laboratories
  • No nano-particles used
  • Safe disposal

To assure disease prevention it is not enough to just deactivate or just filter.  Both qualities are needed to assure prevention and that the mask itself not be a disease vector.

Two Antiviral Technologies in 5 Layers:

Unique 5-layer configuration which both deactivates and filters viruses

Layers 1,5:  Accelerated copper non-woven, spun bond
Layers 2,4: Accelerated copper non-woven needle punch
Center Layer: Filtration membrane with nano-sized pores

BioBlocX™ Face Masks

The BioBlocX™ face mask is five-layered – with each layer especially designed to provide an added layer of protection. Four of the five layers are made with our patented accelerated copper technology which deactivates viruses, while the middle nanofiber filter membrane has pores so small as to drastically reduce potential viral passage by up to 99%. The two-way double protection system is designed to stop the spread while stopping exposure. The aim: to deactivate viruses in less time than it would take them to pass through the mask.

The mask was originally developed for oncology patients to protect them from potential viral and/or bacterial infections during treatments and hospital stays. The textiles used in the mask were successfully tested for their antiviral and antibacterial efficacy as well as for skin sensitization, skin irritation and skin allergies in GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) laboratories. The accelerated copper is EPA registered. Nano-particles that may invade the body through inhalation or through the skin are never used.

The growing spread of new coronavirus variants has led several European countries to mandate FFP2 masks, equivalent to N95 masks, in public spaces. To make BioBlocX™ accessible to as many people as possible, we developed this mask which is CE certified and FFP2 rated. So, you can now choose the BioBlocX™ mask of your choice: our textile washable/reusable mask and our multi-use disposable mask. Both reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Both are form-fitting, breathable and adjustable. Both provide 5-layer double protection – combining the antimicrobial properties of accelerated copper with the high filtration of a nanofiber filter membrane to both intercept and deactivate viruses.

DISCLAIMER: This web page reflects the regulatory situation in Europe and Israel. Healthcare claims on treated articles are not permitted in the USA and require FDA approval as medical devices. The BioBlocX™ mask has not been cleared or approved by the FDA. Argaman’s patented antimicrobial agent is EPA-registered (registration #91367-1) and imparts antimicrobial protection against damaging bacteria, fungi and microbes that can cause odors, stains and product deterioration.