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    ARGAMANTECH BioBlocX™ Masks

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    BioBlocXTM Reusable Face Мask.
    Helps reduce exposure to airborne particles.
    BioBlocXTM face mask incorporates a nanomembrane and CottonXTM technologies to enhance user comfort and product performance.

    1. Active Outer Layers: Hypoallergenic CottonXTM creates a durable exterior and a soft, comfortable interior. Fights microbes that attack the mask which can cause product deterioration and odors. (Layer Content: 75% Cotton, 25% Polyester)

    2. Active Inner Layers: Argaman Accelerated Copper nonwoven fights microbes with which it is in contact to extend the life of the layer.

    3. Inner Layer: RESPILON© nano fiber filter membrane, with pores so small that even tiny microorganisms can’t get through.

    This product provides antimicrobial protection against damaging bacteria, fungus, and microbes that can cause stains, odors, and product deterioration. The absence of unpleasant odors demonstrates that BioBlocXTM is working to protect fabrics.

    External CottonXTM layers powered by EPA-registered material preservative and antimicrobial agent (registration #91367-1)

    Face mask use is not a substitute for hand hygiene, proper hygiene practices and social distancing.

    • The product has not been FDA cleared or approved.
    • This product is authorized only for the duration of the declaration that circumstances exist justifying the authorization of the emergency use of medical devices, including alternative products used as medical devices during the COVID-19 outbreak, under section 564(b)(1) of the Act, 21 U.S.C. § 260bbb-3(b)(1) unless the authorization is terminated or revoked sooner.
    Recommended for use by general public.

    Cleaning Instructions:
    1. Hand wash the mask in warm water with a mild liquid detergent.
    2. Rinse thoroughly with drinking quality water and air dry out of direct sunlight.
    3. Make sure the mask is completely dry before re-use
    Caution: Do not use bleach, alcohol, cleaning solutions containing bleach or alcohol, or cleaning solutions containing conditioners or softeners.

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    Limited Warranty:

    Argaman Technologies Ltd. (“Argaman”) warrants that the product shall be free from defects of workmanship and materials for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of shipment (the “Warranty Period”). If the product fails under normal conditions of use during the Warranty Period and the product is returned to Argaman within the Warranty Period, Argaman will either replace the product or refund the purchase price, at its sole discretion. This warranty is non-transferable and only applies to the original owner of the product. Argaman disclaims all liability for indirect, consequential, special or incidental damages which may be claimed to arise from any sale or use of the product.



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    Reviews (43)

    43 reviews for ARGAMANTECH BioBlocX™ Masks

    1. Simon Barnard (verified owner)

      I have been wearing this mask at work every day. Very comfortable to wear. An integral component of my PPE. I cannot recommend it more highly

    2. John Carew (verified owner)

      I work as a community & healthcare worker in houses and also visiting remote communities. These masks were recommended to me by the doctor who treats some of my customers.

      I can’t comment on the efficacy of your mask compared to N95 masks but I am aware of doctors prefering them to these masks.

      In my role we are restricted to using surgical masks only due to PPE shortages and I would strongly recommend workers to purchase these mask instead.

      I have been returning home to my family feeling secure that they are protected from exposure by me. As a mobile worker I feel reassured I am not spreading Airbourne viruses from person to person.

      The order arrived quickly however I did need to get it cleared through customs due to slowdown’s. I called the shipping company and asked them to prioritise the order as ‘medical devices’ for the pandemic.

      Also expect to save money on PPE and have your own kit to hand.

      Thank you again.

    3. John C (Jay) Crittenden (verified owner)

      I just opened Mask #3. I am a Field Service Engineer and go into hospitals all over the state every day. I wore mask 1 for four months mask 2 for four months and now intend on wearing mask 3 for four months. The masks have been hand washed as often as I needed and could likely go all year. I’ve only been tested once for Wuhan Virus in late August and tested negative. I put my life and my family and friends lives on the line every day I enter a hospital, stores, and elsewhere. I have highly recommended this to everyone I know.
      Thank You

    4. Troy (verified owner)

      – Material
      – simple to clean (gentle detergent/cycle)
      – Technology
      – FIT (way to small for me [74in 218lbs male]) had to give away
      – attachment/securing: Dislike behind head/neck. Cut elastic loops to secure behind ears for person I gave my masks to.

      Masks do not fit larger western demographic. Adult size is for medium to small framed physical structured face frame.

    5. Dee

      I am a medical professional and a scientist and have to fly multiple times a month for my work and go to facilitates with high rates of covid. This is the mask I wear and trust. So far, so good! Thank you very much for what you have created.

    6. Achi (verified owner)

      I’m an anesthesiologist and critical care physician who took care of the sickest COVID-19 patients in our intensive care unit for three months.

      I intubated about 20 COVID-19 patients and took care of many other patients for three months.

      I use this mask instead of the N-95 and after half a year of taking care of patients did not get infected. As a healthcare provider I can tell you that this mask is just amazing. Much more comfortable than the N-95 mask and I feel that it is much safer.

      I still use it every day for work and when I leave the hospital I have a second mask that I use for the daily activities.

      I bought masks for my entire extended family and everyone loves them (well, as mush as loving masks go, I guess….).

    7. Lauren

      My parents gave me this mask and I wish I could give it more stars. It is so comfortable, and the shape is the very first mask that actually fits my face. I am short and have a very small face, and all masks poke me underneath the bottoms of my eyelids, and are just too big and uncomfortable. I have no problem with this mask at all. I am a bit weird and wear it upside down, but its shape allows full coverage while not swallowing up your entire face. I am actually going to purchase my second one. Definitely worth the price!

    8. Naomi Leah Burn (verified owner)

      First I just want to review the customer service, which overall has been excellent. I was a bit concerned at first because the price was displayed in NIS and I was paying in US dollars but in the end the charge went through fine. I ordered on a Monday and began getting immediate and frequent t shipping updates and had the mask Thursday evening. Very surprised and pleased. I will add more after I begin using the mask.

    9. Ulrich Jentschura (verified owner)

      The mask provides for very good protection and comfort, especially in difficult situations when you cannot afford to take it off for prolonged periods of time. Note that the copper-influenced idea has been used in special jackets, too, such as the one offered by Vollebak (“full metal jacket”). The idea should work. I am personally very pleased with the mask.

    10. Bobbie C. (verified owner)

      Much better than the disposable masks or the diy cloth masks. I am extremely pleased. I received the mask within a week of ordering. The first day I wore it I was wearing foundation but a simple hand washing removed it! I will be ordering more if this pandemic Doesn’t subside soon.

    11. Lauren

      I love these masks! Ordered 10 for us (me, friends & family)– friends all pleased with it! Thank you! May like to order more (including a jr one to try, as I have a small face. The adult one size fits all one provides excellent coverage. Can be a little open below chin if face shorter, even when pull straps tight, or will be very close to below eyes) All in all, comfy, much more than other, no sweating, and I can breathe in it!

    12. Linda Carrillo (verified owner)

      I am a school nurse, but worked as a critical care nurse for over 16 years. With the shortage of N95 and minimal confidence in cloth face masks, I thought I would give these a try. Ordered 2 adult and 3 youth masks. I am 5’4” 160lbs and have a small face, with the youth mask fitting me well. I also tried the adult and it also fit well once I tightened the straps for a good face seal. My teen daughters 5’5” 100 lbs tried the youth and it fit them perfectly. My husband is 6’ and 200 lbs with adult mask fitting him well. The mask is very comfortable and way easier to breath through, not like wearing an N95. I received quick delivery to Texas and am very pleased with the product. I really like the fact that you can reuse for 3 months. Thank you for this product!

    13. Philip

      Great, but lack of basic information from the website.

      • shayna

        Dear Philip,
        Thank you for your feedback.
        We are hoping to have a new site up and running shortly, which will be full of up-to-date information.
        Argaman Team

    14. Kirsten Boudreau

      I have a handful of masks now that the pandemic is in full swing, and this mask (one for myself and one for my husband) is the one we go to when we are going into a store or physical therapy or anything else where we will have face-to-face interactions with a lot of people. I would really like to see the peer reviewed final results of testing this mask on coronavirus, but in general I prefer it regardless because it fits both my husband and I very well and is comfortable and stays in position as it should. Breathing is a little restricted, but I take that as a sign that it’s sealing well on my face, and in the end, I can still breath fine. Wouldn’t want to run or do a lot of stairs with it on, but who cares when we are just trying to do our part not to spread virus around. Please do post the results of any recent studies or certifications!

    15. Bess (verified owner)

      I’d just like to add that as a woman I use tinted BB cream pretty much daily and it stains the mask. But, when I went to wash it it cleaned right off with nothing more than hand soap and light brushing with a toothbrush. I don’t know what kind of magic this fabric is but tinted face cream cleans right off, when bleach can’t get it out of my cotton shirts.

    16. Berlin (verified owner)

      I love this mask! It’s very comfortable to wear. I can wear it for a longer time without sweating to much underneath. It fits very good to my small face and is easy to ajust with the bands on the head. The mask came only 1 day after I ordered it. Very fast! I would recomend it to everyone. Its very much worth the price.

    17. NK (verified owner)

      The adult size (one size fits most) mask is too small and does not fit my face. When I put my chin fully into the chin pocket of the mask, the nose piece will not cover the chin of my nose. Beware if you have a larger head like mine.

    18. Daniel (verified owner)

      Great mask, comfortable, provides good coverage, and fits well!


    19. BEN

      very expensive for only 3 months , no ?
      Yes i know , it’s very high technology , made in ISRAEL
      Good luck

    20. Sheilagh

      Ordered from the USA and it arrived in less than two weeks. Material is lightweight and comfortable. Two gripes: 1.) visual instructions provided indicate ear loops, and not going over the back of the head/neck, and 2.) directions indicate spot clean only. That seems slightly problematic, even if the material is that impenetrable, a white mask will get dingy quickly.

    21. Martin (verified owner)

      Ordered the mask on wednesday 13/05 arrived Friday 15/05 in the UK. Thank you Argaman and also Atara for being helpful.
      My wife and I feel so much more confident now a we are pensioners, I’m 79 and here in the UK, reaction to the virus has been ridiculous. A lot of masks are on sale here bu,t, nonwe are comparable to the BioBlocx. A bit pricey, but the prodiuct is worth paying for if it keeps you alive.
      Todah Raba

    22. Brent (verified owner)

      The masks fit great, I had ordered some for our family in March and was so impressed we ordered more.
      It only took four days to get them .
      We are in the Chicago IL. area.
      Thank You Argaman Team

    23. Dr. Jerry S. Silverman (verified owner)

      I would give you five stars but….I just received 2 masks As ordered. Seem very well fitting and made. Your DHL delivery service communicates very well.too. So four stars on all that.
      How long do you think Covid testing will take to obtain results to put on your website.
      Can you at least for now able to test how fine your filtration is…. ie. Can particles >3-4 microns NOT penetrate.?Have you at least tested for this filtration measure? it should be A lot easier and faster – then I would love to give you 5 stars!

    24. Mike (verified owner)

      The mask is high quality. I was hoping the adult mask would be a little larger. I do not have a large face and it is very tight fit.

    25. Dave (verified owner)

      Great product! I was able to order these masks as early as Febraury 2019.

      Dave, Philippines

    26. Angelo (verified owner)

      Amazing mask , paid 146$ for one mask after rate exchange and duty fees if it will save lives it’s worth every penny keep up the good work from Montreal Quebec

    27. Larry

      Shipped to San Diego. Fast delivery ( 1 week from order!) and great fast response from customer service. Mask fits very well and is very comfortable. Will definitely recommend for friends and family.

    28. james peace

      wonderful mask

    29. Jasmi (verified owner)

      Amazing mask. So comfortable and easy to wear even when working out. I am super excited and buying more for neighbours at high risk and healthcare providers, our grocery store staff and of course family.

    30. Scott (verified owner)

      This mask is great. The ties are almost perfect and hold the mask securely. Wish they were a bit wider but they work well. The mask itself is high quality and well made. If these eventually come in black I’ll order another.

      One note—I believe the scientific studies on the effectiveness were done on the material, but not on the actual mask. I’d be interested to see tests/studies on the final product itself.

      • ofra

        Thank you for your feedback!
        The mask is currently being tested, we hope to update the page shortly with results.
        Stay safe,
        Argaman Team

    31. Brent (verified owner)

      Fantastic product and exceeded our expectation as far as how quick we received them.
      Very good at keeping us posted on the progress of the order.

    32. LA

      I don’t normally write reviews for products. However, I felt the need to since I ordered masks with similar material properties from two different companies. The Argaman Bio blocx mask is, in my opinion, is far SUPERIOR to the other companies mask. I purchased both Argman’s Bioblocx mask and Sonovia’s mask. I can say that I was very skeptical about these masks after receiving sonovia‘s mask because the packaging was crap. Additionally, the Sonovia mask seems to be less quality and pretty cheaply made. It came with no instructions or box. The Sonovia mask doesn’t even fit your face well and is very uncomfortable to wear. The BIOBLOCX mask by ARGAMAN came in a nice package and box with instructions. Argaman’s Bioblocx is definitely SUPERIOR In comparison. The Bioblocx Mask fits perfectly and has an adjustable strap. The material also seems to be SUPERIOR. I work in the health field, working in the United States and I would trust the Bioblocx mask than the other one. I actually can’t even wear the mask made by Sonovia.

    33. Caroline (verified owner)

      Buyer beware, the mask doesn’t look anything like the picture and is uncomfortable. I’m a healthcare worker trying to get adequate protection.

      • ofra

        Dear Caroline,
        The mask should look exactly like the picture, and we are sorry to hear you had trouble getting a proper fit.
        Please email customer service with pictures, so we can offer you some suggestions.
        Argaman Team

    34. Charles (verified owner)

      Ordered March 22, 2020 and Arrived in CA on April 15, 2020. Always a concern when ordering a new item, but given the current situation, this company did its best. Will order more for the future. Thanks again!

    35. Mrs Goldstein

      Not happy with mask. I cannot find any peer-reviewed published research results proving effectiveness against prior major coronaviruses outbreaks like MERS and SARS.

      • ofra

        Dear Mrs. Goldstein,
        Thank you for your feedback.
        The BioBlocX mask is a newly released mask, and thus has not been used in prior coronaviruses outbreaks. This is the reason you cannot find any peer-reviewed published research results proving effectiveness against prior major coronaviruses outbreaks like MERS and SARS.
        Having said that, our BioBlocX masks are currently undergoing testing on the Covid-19.
        We hope to update the page shortly with results.
        Please email with any reason you may have to be dissatisfied with the mask, and we will do our best to help.
        Argaman Team

    36. Andrew Martin (verified owner)

      I work in healthcare and I love my mask. Great fit and very comfortable. The N95 mask was hurting my face and cutting in. Many of my coworkers are also ordering after learning about my mask. Thank you for a great product.

    37. Rob (verified owner)

      Great timing, excellent product. Will be ordering more.

    38. Aaron (verified owner)

      These masks are absolutely amazing. Got 2 of them and at the perfect time. I intend on ordering more for others.

    39. Laurie

      I ordered these masks for my family and myself. They are of excellent quality. I am sharing them with my healthcare providers. Thank you to Argaman for such an amazing mask and keeping us safe during this virus. Peace to you and Israel. Laurie S.

    40. Elliot Goldstein (verified owner)

      Just received shipment in California after 3 weeks. Seems worth the wait! the masks are very comfortable and I feel much safer going out when necessary.

    41. Suzanna McGee (verified owner)

      Just got the mask (March 31, 2020) and it is a BEAUTIFUL mask. Well done, great shape, fits nicely on the face, easy to adjust, the material is pleasant, and it’s easy to breathe in it (well, as easy as it can get in a mask). I used only surgical masks until now, and this mask is many many-fold better, more comfortable and prettier.

      Suzanna, Venice, California, USA

    42. Alexander Tenenbaum (verified owner)

      I have ordered (and paid) 10 masks on March 17th. Then I inquired when the masks would be shipped. No answer. No answer either to several emails and phone calls since then: they simply don’t answer. May be they are overwhelmed by the amount of orders. But then they are irresponsible in accepting new orders! Or is the whole thing a hoax? In any event, here is my advice: DON’T ORDER THESE MASKS!

      • ofra

        Dear Mr. Tenenbaum,
        I know that you have since received your masks, and also helped with a case when extra masks were accidently sent to you.
        We were indeed inundated with hundreds of emails, phone calls and orders daily, and due to the ministry of health regulations, were quite understaffed at the time. That was the reason we did not manage to respond to all calls and emails in a timely fashion.
        We are now back on our feet, we have pulled through the backlog of orders and emails, and today all customer inquiries are responded to within 2 business days.
        I hope you are satisfied with the masks and with current customer service.
        Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
        Argaman Team

    43. Josh T (verified owner)

      Extremely excited to receive the BioBlocX masks on 25 March 2020. This mask is of high quality, and is more comfortable and breathable than my N95 mask. My family like the BioBlocX mask. It fits nicely even though all of us have different face shapes.

      Thank you Argaman Technologies. You are a blessing to many nations.

      Josh T, Singapore

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