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The BioBlocX™ face mask is infused with accelerated copper at fiber level. Copper is an essential trace element that is vital to the health of all living things. It has been used for health purposes since ancient times. Due to its specific atomic makeup, it is more powerful in destroying bacteria, fungi and viruses than silver or zinc. Argaman’s accelerated copper represents a technological breakthrough with the ability to kill more microbes faster than many other textile products with antimicrobial claims. Recent test results demonstrate that the fabrics from which the mask is made destroy pathogens faster than bleach.

Argaman’s accelerated copper has demonstrated faster biological activity and is a broader spectrum compound which has even been found effective against spores which are very durable and difficult to destroy.

Tests conducted in GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) laboratories confirm that Argaman’s accelerated copper deactivates viruses and destroys bacteria faster and more effectively than most other technologies. The accelerated copper is registered with the EPA.
A randomized controlled trial of the effect of our accelerated copper oxide textiles on healthcare-associated infections and multidrug-resistant organisms (MDROs), conducted in intensive care units (ICUs) in the University of Pennsylvania Medical School Hospital with the financial support of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), found that by changing the sheets, pillowcases and patient gowns in an ICU, Argaman’s fabrics reduced morbidity and mortality by more than 25%. At the same time, more than a 40% reduction in MDROs was observed. The results demonstrate the ability of Argaman fabrics to play a vital role in the reduction of hospital-acquired infections.

Argaman has developed two ground-breaking technologies:

  • CottonX™ for the microbial treatment of cotton fibers using ultrasonic cavitation
  • BioBlocX™ for the microbial treatment of synthetic polymeric fibers, plastic extruded products and films

Both of Argaman’s technologies infuse fibers and textiles with our patented accelerated copper compound to provide long-lasting antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial protection. 

The compounds in all our BioBlocX™ products are non-toxic. All our materials are test in accordance with FDA standards for skin irritation, skin sensitization, and skin allergies.  The antimicrobial compounds embedded in our materials are not released from mask to user. We never use nano-particles due to potential hazards associated with inhalation that may lead to lung inflammation or damage. 

The BioBlocX™ mask is made from 5 layers. In actuality it is two masks in one. Four of the layers are accelerated copper-infused layers. The inner middle layer is a membrane filter designed to drastically reduce the passage of microorganisms. The pores in the membrane are so small that they will filter up to 99% of viruses. Our disposable mask meets CE mark standards and is rated as FFP2. An FFP3 version will be out shortly.

The BioBlocX™ mask is not NIOSH approved.
The active layers of the mask are treated with an EPA-registered material preservative and antimicrobial agent (registration #91367-1).

Argaman offers two versions of the face mask. The first is our textile washable and reusable mask. The second is our new disposable mask that may be reused as long as it remains intact. The disposable mask is not designed for washing.

BioBlocX™ washable face masks come in one adjustable adult size. Our new disposable face masks will be available in two sizes – medium and large.

BioBlocX™ washable face masks are currently available in natural cotton (beige). The new disposable/reusable BioBlocXTM is available in the natural copper color (camel) and in our new White CopperTM.

Providing the face mask is properly cared for, there is no limitation to the accelerated copper action. The mask will offer sustained antimicrobial protection.

Do not use if there are any tears or rips – always inspect face mask before use for fabric integrity.

It is advisable to wash your textile face mask when it is visibly dirty. Depending on preference it can be washed more or less frequently.

We recommend that the masks be hand washed with a gentle hand soap and warm water. Allow the mask to hang dry completely after washing.   Do not tumble dry. Do not use softeners/conditioners or bleach. Please note that washing instructions can be found on the brochure included with each mask.

The disposable mask is not meant to be washed and should be disposed of when no longer usable.

There is no need for concern. Moisture (e.g., from your breath) is reacting with some of the copper in the mask. This process may leave discoloration on the mask, but is not problematic.

No, the mask is personal and should not be transferred from one person to another.