About us

About Us

Argaman Technologies Ltd. is a Jerusalem-based, ISO 9001 certified company, dedicated to the development and manufacture of multi-performance textiles for health, hygiene and safety.

Based on years of research, we have developed patented platform technologies and compounds for the treatment of both cotton and polymer fibers. We use ultrasonic cavitation to treat textiles at the fiber level. We harness the power of accelerated copper to protect you against viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens. We treat and produce all our fibers in our Jerusalem facility. Our antimicrobial compounds are EPA registered. Our technology remains effective for the life of the fabric. All our manufacturing processes are clean, green and sustainable.
Originally developed to aid in the war against hospital acquired infections, our platform technology transforms ordinary fibers into active smart fibers with antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and deodorizing capabilities. Copper is an essential element of life, recognized as a powerful antimicrobial, sanitizing and anti-odor material, but Argaman’s accelerated formulation sets it apart in its ability to hasten the elimination of pathogens. In fact, a randomized controlled trial conducted at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, supported by the CDC, demonstrated a 50% reduction in multidrug-resistant organisms (MDROs) in wards and a 25% reduction in hospital-acquired infections, following the introduction of Argaman’s accelerated copper beddings and patient gowns only.
Imagine face masks that destroy bacteria and deactivate viruses, fabrics that reduce hospital acquired infections, pillowcases that reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, socks that remain ever fresh and odor-free.
Imagine no longer – they are all here at Argaman Technologies.
What’s in a Name? Why Argaman?
Dozens of references to “argaman”, translated as royal purple or true purple, abound in the Bible in connection with the color associated with royalty. Production of the purple dye was a complex and expensive process requiring remarkable technical ability resulting in textiles of the highest quality and durability. The association with innovative technology, high-quality textiles and long-term durability in connection with textile products led Argaman Technologies Ltd. to choose its name.
Yet when opting for this name in 2013, Argaman did not know that excavations initiated in Israel’s copper-rich Timna Valley in that same year would add yet another association to its name. As described in a study published in January 2021, three scraps of purple-dyed cloth dating back to 1000 BCE were found in Timna, constituting the oldest and largest Iron Age assemblage of “argaman”-dyed textiles in the Southern Levant. The combination of textile technology with copper lies at the heart of Argaman’s innovations.