The Fellament™ technology is the name of the synthetic fiber development division of Argaman Tech.
It concentrates on developing cooling garments through ultra-effective moisture management.
We are presently working on the development of various unique additives for synthetic substrates.

Accelerated Copper Power

Feelament™ will be a new generation accelerated copper formula especially developed for synthetic fibers. By boosting the performance of copper in the fiber, Feelament™ assures enhanced cosmetic qualities.
Copper is an essential element of life. It is not only a well-known and powerful anti-bacterial, sanitizing and anti-odor material, but is equally important in nurturing, conditioning and protecting skin appearance.

Research has shown that copper plays a key role in several processes of skin formation and regeneration. When using copper-infused textiles, positive cosmetic effects are noted such as significant reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and improvement of general appearance within several weeks of use. When in contact with skin, the copper helps promote skin regeneration and collagen synthesis, resulting in smoother, firmer and healthier-looking skin.

By applying our proprietary accelerator in Feelament™, we increase the ionic release from the copper compounds, thereby increasing bio-inhibitive efficacy.
Our technology is EPA approved.

Enhanced Cosmetic Textiles

Feelament™ will be available in polypropylene or polyester. It is also available in non-woven as well as short staple fibers that can be mixed with cotton to make mixed-blend fabrics. No chemical bindings and coatings are used in the manufacture of these fibers. Boosting textiles with Feelament™ turns ordinary fabrics into "wearable care," enhancing them with therapeutic, skin enhancing and skin deodorizing capabilities.

Feelament™ will be perfect for activewear, performance and shaping garments, providing the user with the benefits of its dual action: performance and skin care. Feelament™ provides competitive cosmetic performance and withstands repeated washings, promising true value for the life of the product.


activewear | workwear | socks | compression wear | medical textiles | upholstery


Argaman Accelerated Feelament™ vs. Competitor Technology
The experiment presented in this graph compares Argaman’s accelerated Feelament™ technology with the same weight and composition fabric containing a competitive technology available in the market as it relates to the ability of the fabric to kill bacteria.


Test protocol AATCC100 test method was followed but with a variation. AATCC100 test method is a quantitative test which measures the amount of bacteria on the surface of the fabric as a function of time exposure.In the variation bacteria were applied to the fabrics under protocol conditions but were provided with a constant supply of nutrients to duplicate a more life-like model.

This was done to assure that the active ingredient in the fabric was responsible for the cidal activity and not an external factor such as starvation or the formation of a bio-film on the fibers.Under these conditions, the results demonstrate a consistent kill rate which was maintained for the full test time. Argaman’s accelerated Feelament™ technology remains active and maintains the bacterial levels close to zero even when the bacteria are provided with the perfect conditions to thrive.