Bi-Component Moisture Management Fabric

Argaman’s patent-pending CoreBody™ technology is based on a double-layer fabric that moves perspiration away from your skin using an extremely hydrophobic (water-repelling) material, which transfers the moisture away from the body to a highly water dispersing outer layer.

The outer layer spreads the moisture over a very large surface area, accelerating the evaporation rate of the moisture. The result - a high performance fabric with accelerated moisture transfer and evaporation, leading to an ongoing cooling effect, ideal for active wear.

Why CoreBody™ ?

CoreBody™ interlocks 3 different polymer yarns in a patent-pending configuration for unprecedented moisture management performance, combined with a comfortable and soft yet supportive touch and feel.

Unlike most other fabrics, CoreBody™ incorporates polypropylene fibers, synthetic fibers with the highest hydrophobic activity known to man, which are not commonly used in the apparel industry due to production difficulties. Using our expertise, we have met the challenge and have successfully integrated these high performance microfibers in our innovative product, creating lightweight, comfortable textile with the highest possible moisture transfer management.


Active-wear & specialty work-wear.

CoreBody™ Performance