Accelerated Bio-Inhibitive Textiles

Antimicrobial fabrics are readily available, but NO OTHER MATERIAL COMES CLOSE TO Bio-Block™, Argamans bio-inhibitive textiles.
Our textiles are bio-inhibitive, not merely antimicrobial, due to their broad spectrum qualities.

Bio-Block™ is a patent-pending technology which effectively inhibits bacteria, dust mites, fungi and viruses from appearing on the fabric for the life of the fabric.
By applying its proprietary accelerator, Argaman has succeeded in increasing the ionic release from the metal oxides, thereby increasing bio-inhibitive efficacy. The accelerator creates a chain reaction which stimulates a geometric progression in the ionic release as opposed to the slow arithmetic release in other existing metal oxide technologies.

Bio-Block™ is an enhanced fiber technology - no coatings, no binders. It’s available in polypropylene, polyester and in our newest and most exciting development - CottonX™, the first ever 100% bio-inhibitive cotton fabric

Cosmetic Applications

Not only does Bio-Block™ demonstrate increased inhibition compared to competing technologies, but case studies demonstrate that Bio-Block™ fabrics have a dramatic effect on skin appearance by stimulating the body to produce collagen. Collagen creation translates to the reduced appearance of skin wrinkles. Photographs of people who slept on an Argaman pillowcase with fibers embedded with our accelerated copper-zinc formula demonstrate that younger appearing skin may be only nights away.

Hospital beddings, socks, diabetic socks, hypoallergenic home textiles and upholstery.
Test Results
Argaman Accelerated Bio-Block™ vs. Competitor Technology

Argaman Accelerated Bio-Block™ vs. Competitor Technology

The experiment presented in this graph compares Argaman’s accelerated Bio-Block™ technology with the same weight and composition fabric containing a competitive technology available in the market as it relates to the ability of the fabric to kill bacteria.
Test protocol AATCC100 test method was followed but with a variation. AATCC100 test method is a quantitative test which measures the amount of bacteria on the surface of the fabric as a function of time exposure. In the variation bacteria were applied to the fabrics under protocol conditions but were provided with a constant supply of nutrients to duplicate a more life-like model. This was done to assure that the active ingredient in the fabric was responsible for the cidal activity and not an external factor such as starvation or the formation of a bio-film on the fibers.
Under these conditions, the results demonstrate a consistent kill rate which was maintained for the full test time. Argaman’s accelerated Bio-Block™ technology remains active and maintains the bacterial levels close to zero even when the bacteria are provided with the perfect conditions to thrive.

Bio-Block™ T180 Hospital Fabrics vs. Untreated T180 Hospital Fabrics

Bio-Block™ T180 Hospital Fabrics vs. Untreated T180 Hospital Fabrics

Argaman’s accelerated Bio-Block™ textiles are being tested in leading hospitals around the world. The tests, as seen above, demonstrate the bio-inhibitive performance of Argaman’s accelerated Bio-Block™ hospital fabrics in comparison to normal hospital fabrics. Argaman believes that by using its accelerated Bio-Block™ fabrics in hospitals, hospital-acquired diseases, mortality and antibiotic consumption can be reduced substantially. Test results are measuרed by the hour, not by the minute.